How can I style my hair like this?

I do have a layered cut similar to this. The girl who cut my hair also styled it, and it looked a lot like this, but when I tried to do this morning, it flipped, but not as much.

Got any tips?

(I used a flat iron, and a big round brush and a hair dryer. I also put mousse in my hair. )

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5 Responses to How can I style my hair like this?

  1. Frankie says:

    you’re doing the right procedure its just maybe you need to use a little hair spray, notice i didnt say a lot. if u use a lot it’ll look wierd and shimmery like u didnt wash it and it’ll be hard. if u have thick hair that may be why it didnt flip as much, lighter hair tends to be able to flip easier and stay. hope this helped! :]

  2. kiera says:

    You might need to use some hair spary..but call your hair stylist, she can give you her tips.

  3. Brooklyn Girl says:

    lot of mousse and gel

  4. iunno says:

    strighten the front side bangs and than get Got2b glued it comes in a yellow tube and spike the back and than blowdri it

  5. ~Mee~Shell~ says:

    You need to use gel when it’s damp. Then blow dry with a round brush flipping the ends out. Next, use a curling iron to bump the ends and set it. Then use some Big Sexy Hairspray! To get the front look just blow dry the direction you want them to go and use finishing spray all over! Hope this helps!

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