How can I style my hair?Best one get's 10 point's!!!?

I do not want curls and no pony tail’s or bun’s.I have shoulder length hair very straight.Brown with blond highlight’s.I want something new with my hair,please help and thank u for your time. My hair sort of looks like this:
Thank u for ur time!!!

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16 Responses to How can I style my hair?Best one get's 10 point's!!!?

  1. mr handsome says:

    try mayb a bob tht should luk quite sexy

  2. ÅL¥å®o 琥珀 says:

    use spray inc. GIVE ME GIVE ME 10 pts =]

  3. Stellar says:

    Get bangs?

  4. Jenna P says:

    Quiff on top of your head,
    scrape it back with a clutch.

  5. holagurl25 says:

    Well … you could get layers and side bangs. hope it helps

  6. Deanna S says:

    you coud put it in half pony with a poof or clip bangs to side

  7. ncshrty05 says:

    Try taking the middle section of your hair on the top, and tie it back…. then scrunch the rest of your hair. Its what I do to my hair, but its longer.

  8. Madeline R says:

    Maybe you should back comb it, and maybe get bangs or sidebangs? I’d have to see a picture of you, because I’d have to see what suits your face best.

  9. Steph.x says:

    Try layers or side bangs.
    10 points?

  10. RedRuby says:

    Try box braids or cornrows….

  11. getcrunkoffqueso says:

    if you want to cut it…. you should cut it like this
    but if you just want to style it, for like everyday, just mix it up a little. use headbands, ribbons, clips, and do different stuff like wave it, or a cute ponytail. its whatever your style is.

  12. katerocks101 says:

    brush ur hair so it theres a "part".then if you have a big,cool headnband put it in the middle of ur now there should be hair in the front of ur headband and back..

    another way is to curl it then put ur fingers through it so ur hair is wavy…wavy always looks cool.u can put a bobby pin on the side of ur head so some of ur hair is out of ur face or just put a headband on with it hope this helps:)

  13. says:

    well you could try bob because mine is like that

  14. k(SC3N3) says:

    I would say get a bob like Freja Beha Erichsen’s:

    But maybe a bit longer, about an inch below your chin, with some more layers. I would say get some more honey highlights…not BLONDE, but maybe two shades lighter than your hair color, so that they look natural. To style your hair, mix a leave-in conditioning cream with a good hairgel, apply that evenly, then blow-dry your hair upside down for volume.

    Hope I helped! Best Answer, maybe?


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