5 Responses to How could I get this hairstyle(photo)?

  1. x...KitKat...x says:

    1) the link doesnt work lol 2) even though I can’t see the picture im sure if you took the picture into a hairdressers they would be able to do this hairstyle. Ask them if it would suit you before getting it done as you dont want to make any big changes to your hair that you might later regret. If they say the hairstyle wouldnt suit ya then talk to them and im sure they will work with you and suggest something that does.

  2. I L♥VE Y♥U says:

    link doesn’t work

  3. greysgirl<3 says:

    broken link.


  4. Curious Paki Princess says:

    yes it does the link does work BTW Dunno

  5. babyyxmassacre says:

    you need the hair cut first, then its easy, you just pull your bang in front, and straighten your hair.

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