How did you wear your hair for your wedding?

How did you wear your hair for your wedding? (Up? Down? Half and half? Straight? Curled? Tiara? Hairpins? Veil? Hat? Headband?)
Were you pleased with the results?
Why did you choose to wear you hair that way?
Was the end result what you had imagined?
Did you like the styles you thought you would or did you end up with something different you loved?
If you’re a guy, did you do anything different with yours? ; )

Thanks for the answers!

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14 Responses to How did you wear your hair for your wedding?

  1. Sandy says:

    I thought a picture would do it much more justice:

    I chose this style because I knew I wanted hair that didn’t get in the way of dancing, moving or anything. The simple, low-bun style went well with my long veil and a-line dress. I didn’t want to make it too complicated.

    I was really pleased with how it came out, but I was upset because the hair dresser took so much time with my girls and I that it actually caused me to be late for the ceremony.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t got married yet.

  3. hatchetryda says:

    i curled my hair and wore a veil and a tiara i was very happy with the way i looked

  4. DUG says:

    As a guy I got mine cut the same way about a week before so I didn’t have a fresh out of the box look but that is was perfectly neat.

    I asked my wife to leave it down or most of it down because I’m not a fan of the birds nest on the head look. My wife’s hair has some natural curl but she added more curl to it. She made sure it didn’t fall in her face. She used a veil’ with like a comb thing in it.

    As we look at our pictures, eight years later, we both really like her hair.

  5. katie-bug says:

    I wore mine up. I have straight blonde hair. We took strands on the stop and sides and wove it together. The rest was curled and pinned up. I wore a simple, elegant, sparkly tiara and had my veil pinned up under the back of my up-do. It was gorgeous and I loved it!! Everyone kept saying how pretty it was! I had a few trial runs to practice and see if its really wha I wanted. I looked at TONS of magazines but my first choice was my final one.

  6. Constellation says:

    I wore my hair fairly normally. Just half upswept, just straight, with my bangs just straightened out. I wore the veil tucked into the upsweep and removed it for the reception and replaced it with a sparkly crystal clip for dancing.
    I was REALLY pleased that I chose to do that, because my husband likes when my hair is pulled half up-and I wanted my look to feel normal, just more glamorous. The end result wasn’t anything extraordinary, and that’s how I wanted it.

  7. CorpCityGrl says:

    All up with a small tiara and a veil. I got married in August so I wanted it up and out of the way. It was pulled all back with the tiara woven into my hair. My veil was then pinned behind the chignon so that I could take it out after the ceremony.

    I actually had a trial with my regular hair person who flaked on me the week of my wedding. I went to someone else who did a much better job than I could imagine my regular hair person doing.

  8. Sandy Ego says:

    At the time I got married, I had long straight hair, so I just had the sides gathered up and braided down the back, and the rest was left flowing down my shoulders and back. It worked out really well. Only took maybe 20 min. to arrange it – nothing fancy – but it looked good in pictures, and I got a lot of compliments on it. It looked natural instead of contrived (as a lot of wedding hairstyles tend to be), and I think people responded favorably to that. Honestly, I didn’t give it a lot of thought at the time – but I was pleased with the results.

  9. fizzy stuff says:

    I was growing my hair out at the time, so I had to put it up, really. I didnt even have a plan which was incredibly risky I know, I just didnt have time to think about it before. The day of the wedding they pulled it back tight and wrapped it under. It swept across my forehead in the front. And then they added a white flower (fascinator) which I brought. It turned out much, much, better than I had imagined!

  10. GagesMomColie says:

    I’m wearing my hair down. Its going to have loose waves, with a jeweled flower barrette on one side. My hair is long and I don’t like veils, so my hair can be the veil. lol. 1950’s style waves to fit my theme. 🙂

  11. Rosy says:

    All hair up chignon with a white pearl headband.
    You can kind of see it in my picture.
    I loved my hair do and I wouldn’t change one thing about it.
    Since I was a little girl I knew that’s how I wanted to wear my hair on my wedding day.

    Good Luck and Congratulations.

  12. Nate's mom says:

    My cousin did my hair for my wedding. She had also done it for my sweet 16 party and for my senior prom so I knew I’d love the style. It was up in a ponytail and the ends were curled. There were large curls that were pinned in place and a few pieces hanging down. I wore a rhinestone headband and a veil. I absolutely loved how it looked. I chose the style because it was elegant and I knew I’d like it because she had done it twice before. If I had to do it all again, I’d pick the same style.

  13. R&W4ever! says:

    I wore mine up in curls with a veil and tiara. The comb of the veil went into the bottom of my hairdo, and the tiara went in the top. It was SO pretty and I really liked. It was pretty much what I had imagined.

  14. Colie says:

    Lets see I had mine down and curled. With the bangs pulled back and pinned-you know the "fashion poof" but it wasn’t poofed. LoL. I did have a veil and it was clipped to the bottom of the "poof", just in the back-not over my face. It did look very nice but I think I would have left it straight if I could do it over. Or maybe looser curls. But all in all I looked pretty, or so people said!

    Do it how you feel comfortable. You dont want to look at your wedding photos and think, boy that doesn’t look like me.

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