14 Responses to How do I accomplish my wedding dreams of hip length hair?

  1. yogalexa says:

    If your hair is already elbow length, it sounds lovely. But if you really want it to be hip length for your wedding, the one thing you don’t want to do is damage the nice hair you already have. Extensions(or the removal of them) will damage your hair/break it off/pull it out, etc… I would suggest you go to a place that sells hair on a weft in the length of 24-26 or more inches. Also buy the metal clips that you sew onto the weft. If you sew 3 clips into each row of hair it should hold it very well. then just clip them into your hair. This would give you "temporary extensions" for your wedding and it won’t damage your hair. Hope that helps

  2. ucsdbaby123 says:

    you could try extensions when you get your hair done, but if you want your real hair to be that long, you could try some of those treatments or those shampoos that increase the growth from your roots, but i dont know if those work…

  3. reddy_locks says:

    Weeve it up… The hollywood stars do it all the time..

    Paris hilton goes from chin length to down the back overnight..

  4. Wolf woman says:

    extensions or take prenatal vitamins and wash your hair everyother day and massage and brush your scalp daily

  5. Mandy says:

    get hair extensions

  6. Sheree H says:

    Extensions would be the only way to make that drastic of a change in 3 months time.
    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  7. miszkitkat says:

    hair extensions

  8. cardgirl2 says:

    Where did you ever get that idea that a hip length braid is appropriate for a wedding ceremony. Its your choice, but it seems a little funny. Maybe if you had said where you are having the ceremony, what you are wearing, it would understand but it seems odd. Most brides wear it back so as not to take away from their face and veil. Others wear in shoulder length.simple style. But different strokes for different folks. Good Luck

  9. MARIA K says:

    I also have very long hair (waist length) and I don’t know how you would get your hair that long in just a few months (sorry). Hair grows about 1/4" to maybe 1/2" a month and vitamins ans shampoos don’t work, no matter what the advertisments say. I think you can have your dream hair if you get extensions. If you do decide to get extensions, go to a very reputable shop because extensions can be tough on your hair.

  10. Tialiarhetta says:

    Well let’s see. Wah your hair in cold water, don’t blow dry it or anything that would cause damage or brush it too much, get it trimmed, and don’t get stressed out, that causes hair to fall out. Or you could postpone your wedding til your hair is long enough.

  11. incubus71089 says:

    I have used hair formula 37 for years. It’s four pills to take every morning and night and it’s a little bit pricey but, it absolutely makes your hair grow twice as fast especially when you first start taking it. It probably wont get you to your ultimate goal but, it will get you closer.

  12. mliz55 says:

    extensions is the only way to go. Celebrities do it all the time, and it usually looks natural, and I believe it can last about 8 weeks.
    Ask for extensions or a weave. it is not cheap because it takes a lot of time, but it will make you feel beautiful, and hey, this is a once in a life time event!

  13. amy l says:


  14. lolagurl2210 says:

    Pay no attention to cardgirl2, my mom did a floor length braid for her wedding and it looks wonderful 🙂

    I’ve found that most of the pills that say they will make your hair grow longer really work…I’ve used various once for several years. Pills would probably do the trick.

    Congrats on your wedding! I hope everything goes wonderfully!

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