how do i describe this hairstyle to the hairdresser?

i have always wanted a hairstyle similar this girl’s, except that i want the rear to be a bit longer.
how do i describe how to cut it with the hairdresser? ex: layer, trim?

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  1. Bambi says:

    Print the photo and bring it along with you, this prevents miscommunication with the stylist. This website has a bunch of styles you can look to see if you can find this cut with the specific length you are wanting to bring as well

  2. Dawn says:

    bring a pic

  3. ichigo says:

    just print out that photo of the girl, and bring it to the salon and show it to the hairdresser.

  4. lilly says:

    either bring a pik or say hevily layered (show her how short you want it) and say side fringe

  5. monica. says:

    short, choppy layers with a side finge.
    just show the hairdresser the length you want.

  6. Rockin' Robin says:

    show them the picture..

  7. Joellie H says:

    That is a short graduation hair cut. Your better off taking it in with you as its slightly different from a basic cut! However the back will be shorter than the front if you get this cut 🙂

  8. Cute baby says:

    see the pic and cut it your self or bring that girl to me i’ll cut it for you…

  9. dog's best friend says:

    This is a style that came out about 5 years ago. I love the look and have done the cut on many clients. The best thing you can truly do is to print that page and bring it along. Point out what you like and what you want different. Have your stylist repeat back what you are asking for and have her demonstrate on your hair what she plans to do while she explains it back. Communication is the best way to get a perfect haircut.
    Now, what you want is a very qualified stylist that does razor cuts well. One name of the style is a "shattered bob", the style is basically started out in the bob shape, but there is a lot of heavy layering in the last two inches of length. There is not as much done at the top. That way you can keep the volume on top and the ends are light so you can use some Molding mud or similar product to really get that piecy look.
    If your hair is fine, you should consider coloring or highlighting it, it will also had texture and volume to your har.

    So, remember, bring the photo, have your stylist show you what she plans to do to achieve the look, ask for a stylist that does great razor cuts, and you will need products to get this look to look like it does.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  10. e-sha says:

    The best thing to do is to bring a picture.

  11. JuJu says:

    Take the photo. If you get it even the tiniest bit wrong or your hairdresser doesn’t understand, it’s you who will get upset!

    They’re used to people bringing in photos =]

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