How do i do this hairstyle?

How do i do this hairstyle my self?
It kinda looks basic,I know.But im not to good at this sorta stuff,so i was wondering how to do this hair style.

….Also is there any sites(not google)That has photos of some hair up does?

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  1. Nikki:] says:

    1-part your hair evenly down the middle
    2-take the strands of hair that are in front of you ears and keep them away from the rest of ur hair
    3-remember always leave those strands of hair alone!
    4-go to the top of your head and brush that hair back
    5-you can use a bump it or tease it i recommened teasing bump its dont work well for me
    6-if you dont know how to tease hair check out a video on youtube
    7-pull the rest of you hair(leaving the strands infront of ur ears alnoe) into a ponytail
    8-pull the strands infront of ur ears back making sure they dont get messy into the ponytail
    9-hairspray if you want
    10-bobbypin the strands infront of ur ears if u need to to make sure they stay in place

    good luck!:]

  2. Katie says:

    Tease the hair on the crown of your head, smooth it out, put it in a pony!

  3. neda says:

    Use a bump-it or tease your hair to get the volume on the top, then do a low pony-tail.

  4. cookie says:

    you can use a "bump it" a plastic piece you put under your hair or you can tease the hair into a poof and then comb over just the top so it looks smooth, hope this helped! 🙂

  5. beauty says:

    Just tease the hair right under the center of your head and comb the rest of your hair over it, or if you don’t want to risk damaging your hair, just use a Bump It.

    I love the up-do messy bun like this:

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