How do I get this hairstyle?

I find it cute in an odd way… I probably wouldn’t wear my own hair like this too often, but if I ever decide to, how do I get this hairstyle?

-Products that would give my hair volume?
-Any specific curling irons?
-Stores that sell hair accessories like the one in the picture?

+My hair is about 4 inches below my shoulders, and it’s very thick, if that’s important.

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2 Responses to How do I get this hairstyle?

  1. Faith =] says:

    -try garnier fructis volumizing shampoo
    -try curling it with a skinny straightener(you can get those curls!). they have tutorials on how to do it on youtube. it also takes a lot less time than curling.
    -try hottopic. they usually have cute stuff like that. or maybe claires.

    to get that volume, you need to tease the part that is underneath the beehive, while leaving the exposed part curly. if that makes any sense.
    and yes, you definitely need thick hair.

  2. sharo(: says:

    okayy when your hair is wet put curling moose in it then brush it(:
    then make sure your curling iron isnt to big and not to small then curl it by lil pieces!
    then you tease your hair and put a ribbon in it and i think you can get that ribbon thing about anywhere!
    hope that helps.

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