50 Responses to how do I make my hair grow longer for my wedding?

  1. justhinking says:


  2. datl says:

    go to a nice salon and get a weave.

  3. Edward F says:

    Invest in miracle grow! lol Start shopping for a weave now honey cause there is no way that is going to happen in 10 months.

  4. KB says:

    Go to the vitamin store and find vitamins for your hair and nails. It will make your hair grow as well as strengthen your nails!

  5. Sriharsha V says:

    dont cut your hair till then

  6. Jackie Y says:

    lot of protein eat as much you can

  7. kevin m says:

    Wear a wig.

  8. Big Jay 7 says:

    brush it all the time condition it ans eat vitamins for a more healthy hair

  9. Hyori says:

    Get a weave if they do it right no one will know the difference 🙂

  10. Angelique M says:

    If you wash your hair with BEER your hair will grow a lot faster than normal. Trust me it works, I’ve tried it!!!!!!!

  11. a_sexualasianangel says:

    I would suggest hair extensions. There is no way it will be as long as you want in ten months.

  12. Jimbo says:

    Contact Philip Kingsley – trichologists – thay can probably advise you. It is possible to stilulate the scalp and similar treatments.

  13. Lady Savage says:

    just go to the hair dressers and ask for extentions, make sure its a good hairdressers though, coz you dont want to end up lookin awful on your wedding day, congratulations by the way! (",)

  14. goldeneagle says:

    Grow your hair for ten months and if its not long enough wear a wig. Why would you want to grow it that long anyway.

  15. thespecialone says:

    vitamin e.
    or eat shitloads of haribo, cus its got gelatine in makes hair n nails grow.

  16. Unknown(seriously) says:

    either you don’t or pray for long hair every night…or you can just get hair extensions

  17. Marina C says:

    sorry to break the news to you…but there is no natural way to get your hair to grow longer faster…the only thing I can think of is getting extensions! (but I hear they are pretty natural looking now)
    Good luck!

  18. CHARLES says:


  19. Dr Dee says:

    Not enough time to make them grow so much. Get extensions braided in a salon.

  20. ~Genie~ says:

    go get some extentions in your hair

  21. suprmodl5 says:

    You can grow it out now, but if its not as long as you would like, get extensions…buy your own, not as expensive

  22. adrixia says:

    Do not cut it, cutting does not help "grow" hair. Nothing does. the only thing I can suggest is if it is not long enough by then to consider some hair extentions. that way you get nice full hair. Paula on american idol has extensions, so that is how it could look if you go to a great hairdresser. 10 months is a long time, it may be then length you want then.

  23. ♥so flyy says:

    You could either take prenatal vitamins which help your hair or nails grow or for your wedding day you can have a few tracks put in and take them out the next day.

  24. mrsd says:

    prenatal vitamins.. will help a lot in ten months..

  25. disneyworldprincess2006 says:

    I don’t suggest growing it out. Put in extentions just for your wedding. Style them and then have them taken out after your wedding.

  26. amyvnsn says:

    Use MainTail shampoo. It’s usually used on show horses but they started selling it to humans b/c it makes your hair grow long fast, and it thickens it up. Try it, I’ll bet you’ll love it.
    I think they sell it at Walmart, and I know they have it at Sally Beauty Supply.

  27. Rose says:

    Get prenatal vitamins. They help your hair and nails grow. Also, make sure to get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks to get any dead hair off the ends. It will help it grow faster. Congratulations on getting married. 🙂

  28. Jennifer J says:

    based on the person your hair will grow about 1/2 inch per month,but do as you did, continue getting your hair trimmed which will make your hair healthier and growfaster

  29. sarahmae6x9 says:

    Make sure you trim it every once and a while so your ends grow out.. but I don’t think that will make your hair grow that fast so I would advise doing what some of the other people are saying — weave or hair extensions. Don’t do a wig, because that could turn out disastrous.

  30. egtabet says:

    Extensions …. or actually don’t get married

  31. mmaybe mme says:

    this is going to sound weird, but anyone who does yoga will tell you: standing on your head stimulates blood circulation in you scalp and your hair will grow faster.


    Then click on yoga posture on the left hand menu. The one you’re looking for is the headstant – Sirshasan, posture #9.

  32. pryncessme77 says:

    a weave

  33. Diana Kay says:

    Make sure your diet is balanced so that your hair keeps strong. plait it and relax after every 3 months, trim the ends of your hair because these limit hair from becoming longer.

  34. jodie_m says:

    healthy balanced diet and vitamin supplements – you can get supplements especially for hair and nails

  35. fortune_cookie_17 says:

    you gotta drink lotz of water that helps your hair to grow and you could buy extra vitamins that will make your hair grow faster … i hope it helpz 😉 and hope yah have a nice wedding wish yah all the best of luck >:d<

  36. jessicahall9383 says:

    I have heard that taking prenatal vitamins help for hair growth and so does that Mane and Tail shampoo.

  37. soniya says:

    Drink lots of water n massage ur hair with warm coconut oil once a week

  38. reb says:

    Take prenatal vitamins. nothing will truely make your hair grow faster, but it will help it be healthier and shinier!

  39. Tanisha S says:

    get extensions if ur hair doesnt grow in tha 10 months

  40. Nikki says:

    Act like your hair is fine lace. Do Not: put it in a pony tail (use clips instead), brush it too much, use chemicals (ex: dyes, perms, etc.), blow dry it very often or use irons, wash it too much, drink too much soda, or hang out in the sun without a hat on or some other protection for your hair. Do: use vitamins (prenatal works great), Main and Tail Shampoo and conditioner or Garnier Fructis Length and Strength system, use leave in conditioner, brush your hair from bottom to top, and use a scalp treatment every month to get out all of the hair product you have used. (You can skip a day without washing it. If your hair looks oily then use baby powder to dry up the oil and give your hair more volume) A balanced diet also helps. It is realy not as hard as it seems. My hair has grown 6 inches in four months. So for all of those who say it is imposible, it is not imposible. She can do it.

  41. Lil Mama says:

    Keep it clean and conditioned. If it is not long enough for your wedding, at a few hair extensions. Your future husband will never know the difference unless you tell him!

  42. mrsmikimouse@sbcglobal.net says:

    Nioxin is the best thing. Found only in salons this shampoo and conditioner is wonderful. Also GNC has a pill that I have been told is wonderful for making hair and nails grow faster and stronger. Truly Nioxin is the best way to go. And it is guaranteed.

  43. Ed M says:

    Hair grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month, that can’t be hurried. Just eat a good diet and don’t use harsh shampoos

  44. torie says:

    you’ve got ten months dont get any major hair cuts!!

  45. curckle says:

    Believe it or not- what you eat is more important than what you use. make sure you eat healthy. Include plenty of vitamin E- which does wonders for hair & nail growth. Get the split ends trimmed off, and protect your hair from breakage. No tight ponytails, avoid blow drying & heat /chemical treatments as much as possible. Wear a swim cap when in chlorine. Unless you are anorexic, or have a thyroid or other medical condition it should grow.

  46. pumpkinnoodle86 says:

    Get hair extentions or take vitamins, they work great.

  47. Isis says:

    whichever advice you follow your hair will be about 5 inches longer in ten months period. you body has a method and a way to discard the proteins in you body to form hair. anything you take internally will make you hair stronger and less likely to break off so you will keep most of the growth over the next few months, but weaves are what you need to to be that long in 10 months save up your money.

  48. jen says:

    You will get about 10 inches in 10 months. If you want more you will have to get extentions.

  49. ElOsoBravo says:

    an almost absolute consensus for an extension. First of all, you’ll not make it, and, second, you’ll have enough to preoccupy yourself without looking in the mirror every morning hoping that it grew 6 inches overnight!

  50. aksharaa g says:

    listen you have to have a gooc vitamin food. the next step is use a good oil and do massage. wen u go to the sleep plat your hair and sleep with oil till the end of the hair as to be platted so it will surely work and your hair grows faster. reply me once it is grown bye as of know………..

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