How do I style my hair like this (pic)?

Any ideas or advice on how to style my hair like this?
I got my hair cut to this length, and my hair is natually wavy

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7 Responses to How do I style my hair like this (pic)?

  1. oscar says:

    Take a wide mouth curling iron and curl

  2. ♥BrunetteBeauty☮ says:

    ew u must have ugly hair then

  3. Tom says:

    hair moose?
    My friend Jasmine has that hair style

    AND hair spray

  4. talkoutloud3 says:

    use a bedhead straightener to create the waves

  5. Perfect Symmetry:) says:

    Get layers and straighten it

  6. jus*wanna*kno says:

    the womens hair in the pic is layered. she started with the top and rolled it in curlers. she worked her way down until her whole head was down. if you want more volume, spray root lifter between the curls. when you take them out, part the side you want and maybe fluff it out a bit.

  7. Carrie W says:

    use hair spray or moose while blow drying, and then use a hair straightener, or curling iron.

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