How do I style my hair this way?

I recently got a Japanese haircut, but I have no clue as to what I’m supposed to use to get my hair to curl to the outside like in these pictures (nor do I know HOW to):

I’ve got hairspray, hair gel, hard wax, and a bunch of other miscellaneous products… I can possibly find a hair straightener or curler, too. What do I use, and how do I style my hair?

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6 Responses to How do I style my hair this way?

  1. andy m says:

    ok heres how to do it
    straighten like crazy, iron or blowdryer, and then blow dry the roots with your head upside down to make it stick up, use wax (thats hiar wax) to on the the tips and then for the rest of the strand lift it up and use XXX hold hairspray
    btw its a great haircut

  2. Sabrina a a a a a says:

    you should definatley use hairspray and then straighten it flipping outwards. I did my friends mohawk like that and it turned out great!

  3. Nancy says:

    Your best bet is a straightener.

  4. ♥ HOT miami ♥ says:

    use the pantene texturize collection peaze it i think it is makes it like that.

  5. Jewels says:

    There are a few differnt ways. The fastest way is to straighten your hair (and try to flip the ends out when you do) then standing bend your back so your head is down by your nees, and take the gel start with your roots and gel what you want to flip out, let if dry. Then you can stand back up and add some hair spray

  6. L-kuza H says:

    Just go to the barberer. Maybe he/she can help you (the expencive one; usually pro). But if you insist on doing yourself, be a creatif one.

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