How do i style my short hair for a wedding?

i have short hair just below my chin. the bottom half is permed and the top is straight. i have no blow dryer cause it broke and i am broke…lol i am not very good at styling but i can give it a shot i have moose and a round brush straghtner curling iron waver and crimper but i am hair dumb plz help….!!!!

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5 Responses to How do i style my short hair for a wedding?

  1. gruvygroovy says:

    straighten your hair in some parts, and curl it in some parts. it would be amazing. Good Luck

  2. mattchuw says:

    sleek, straight hair is in style right now as well as soft curls, seeing as your hair is so short i would go with a straight look instead of curls. use a styling wax to try and make it look chunky.

  3. Lexi says:

    Use a pretty little clip the compliments your outfit. Clip the top half back and leave a little piece in front of your face. put some mousse on that little piece and wrap it around your finger or a pen and let it dry (mini curl) and there ya go. good luck

  4. ramzan m says:

    bigger hair always some things

  5. baby says:

    I think crinkles would look pretty.Or rodded tight curles

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