4 Responses to How do you do this hairstyle?

  1. Olivia♥ says:

    My hairdresser recreated this hairstyle for me, in exactly the same way (except my hair is shorter).
    The technique was actually using straighteners to curl, although im sure you can use a wide curling iron.

    When you’re curling the front bits of hair near your face, make sure the direction is facing away – if you have to, use your finger to get an idea of the direction. Your left hand side should be clockwise, your right anticlockwise.

    Use this article about using a straightener (in the sources). It doesnt give ringlet curls, and use your hand to separate them a little. Tease your hair with a comb to gain her volume, and voila! 🙂

    good luck with your hairstyling x

  2. <3 says:

    if you want her volume, you need to tease your hair. grab your curling iron, and just start curling. make the curls away from your face and spray with some hair spray.
    also, if you want it half up and half down like hers, use some bobby pins to pin it back.

    good luck:)

  3. Sophie says:

    curling irons, straighteners and hairspray should do it, always the way with big hair.

  4. Jordanjizz says:

    something like a good coniditioner and shampoo
    herbal essences (the pink one) the new ones obv =]
    use the curlers, but volumise it with v05 volume and lift

    u can use syrum any good one whould do =]
    finishing touch of tresemmé hair spray (before blow drying)
    then there u are.

    also dry ur head upside down with a blow dryer

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