How do you get that certain type of hairstyle with a bump on the top of your hair?

I don’t know the name of it or how to do it properly can you please help me out. I have a picture of it.

The one Ashley Tisdale (right) is wearing.

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  1. JeepJeep!!! says:

    You have lots & lots of hair or you have a hairpiece & tease it in the back to add fullness, pull front hair back to cover hairpiece attatchment, and let it fall naturally. It also helps to have hair & make up artists, as well as photo brushers to perfect the photo.

  2. kaholomua says:

    you have to tease your hair then pin in back

  3. hellz@ngel says:


  4. mangemeer says:

    It’s called a poof.
    You need some type of bang to do it.
    Just gather your bangs, pull them back towards the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins/clips.

  5. anonymous says:

    take hair from your sides pull it back, and comb it, then pin it with a bobby pin.

  6. Kiki B says:

    you just take a little bit of hair right in the front middle
    and make it smooth and then loosely about 2-3 inches
    from the roots, put it back on your head and secure it
    with bobby pins or clips. lightly hairspray and wa-la! ;D
    good luck! -beans

  7. zeht89 says:

    Its called a poof. Umm get a section of your bangs and bunch them together then push them towards your forehaed and secure with some bobby pins. Its very easy, adn if you want a bigger one seach youtube videos, they have many tutorials:) Good Luck:)

  8. Dinasaurs R says:

    First of all you need front bangs, or just bangs,
    you get a barette or elastic and tie your bangs back and then you have a bump 🙂

  9. just a girl says:

    ahhh the white girl puff!! my favorite! lol take some hair in the front of your face. depends how much you want is. from there is seems like 2 or 3 inches. well take 2-3 inches of harir infront of ur fact and stride your fingers through it. pull it back nd push it a little foward to get the poof. pin it nd ur ready to go

  10. performing247 says:

    It’s called a poof(well at least at my school)
    to do it you comb out your bags and a little more hair around it(depending on the thickness of your hair) to the front of your face then you brush the rest of your hair out of the way like in a ponytail next you pull the bangs up then lay it on the top of your head. then push up toward your forehead. use a bobbypin to hold it in place. style the rest of your hair 🙂
    this may seem confusing in writing but i tryed my best

  11. blacksican says:

    take a front section of your hair tease it (comb it against the grain) then pull it back then pin it.

    Theres a video on youtube its called a poof btw.

    theres only one good video thatll show u how to do it the correct way and the lady who posted it is call pursebuzz, so find that username and well there u go (shes asian btw so dont b fooled by imposters lol)

  12. lost.sanity says:

    It’s really simple.
    Just watch this video.

  13. Julie B says:

    Grab the hair in the front section like you see in the picture. Separate it into two equal parts, a front and back. Take the back section and tease it then roll it from the ends to the scalp and pin it down. Then take the front section and tease it a little and lay it over the rolled section of hair and pin down behind the roll. If you want a visual demonstration, check this video out. It’s not the same hairstyle, but the technique is the same.

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