4 Responses to How do you keep a flower in the hair fresh before a wedding?

  1. Jenny Lynne says:

    try chilled sprite, has lots of sugar or chilled sugar water, float on top, but do not submerge or spray with a fine mist of cool water

  2. Jenny G says:

    Don’t spray it with hairspray, it will make it worse eventually. Check out this site.

  3. planner says:

    not hairspray….water spray. the flower can also be floated in a bowl of water, even submerging in it water will help it to revive

  4. my_2_cents says:

    As well as the other suggestions, keep it in the refrigerator as much as you can. I worked for a wholesale flower grower, and this is how we kept the flowers fresh before they were delivered to the markets.

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