7 Responses to How do you think i would look with this hairstyle?

  1. Treadstone says:

    The styles with the long side swept bangs would be the best. Keep you current hair color – it’s very flattering.

    Another place to check out hairstyles is http://www.matrix.com.

  2. Violet says:


  3. SP says:

    Honestly i don’t like the color for you.
    Would you actually go blond or just the style? The style is ok but def don’t go with such a blah color.

  4. Cynthia S says:

    It looks like it’s wearable for you, your hair texture seems similar to hers in the picture. And it seems to match your facial features as well as far as the layers go. But I think with this cut you have to take the time to dry and flat iron it or it just won’t look good…. or at least as good as hers lol. This style would also look good with some high lights.

  5. lilpudersancho says:

    Any of those hairstyles would look fine.

  6. Etoile says:

    I like the third pic of Alba. I have that hair style too!! As long as you keep your hair straight (flat iron) it will maintain.

  7. tbmpurple says:

    you would look good

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