10 Responses to How far in advance should you dye your hair before a wedding?

  1. shanghai68 says:

    2-3 weeks, just in case you dont like the color, u stil have time to fix it.

  2. Sweetums says:

    Two weeks before, to be safe. The color will have had a few washings, so it’ll look more natural, but it was still have shine!

  3. Kory says:

    Probabably about a month before. Definitely not right away, because if you end up with something you dont like you need time to dye it again.
    Good luck ;D

  4. nicole says:

    no more than a week…you dont want regrowth…and if its a bad color you will still have time to fix it

  5. dee-dee says:

    a week before. by that time it will have toned. you dont want to do it too far in advance will have new growth.

  6. pisceslady a says:

    about a week before cos a few washers will fade if you do you do it in a month..good luck with it

  7. GreenEggsAndGlam says:

    Get it done PROFESSIONALLY a few days before it, that way nothing can go wrong and you wont have a noticable regrowth.

  8. rbccuello says:

    i dye my hair regularly…..i suggest dyeing it at least 3 days before the wedding…. the night before, use a hot oil treatment in it…the dye might make your hair course…good luck…….tip:use something called PLACENTA…it comes in little packs from your local pharmacy…sounds gross,works wonders…..hope i helped

  9. ♥◦◊◦Íś ĭŧ ſǿΰз?◦◊◦♥ says:

    prob a month or 2 weeks before

  10. carter-nick@sbcglobal.net says:

    It depends is it new? If so then at least a month or two.

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