How long before wedding should I highlight hair?

I really want my hair highlighted for the July 4th holiday. I am getting married on July 10. Would it be okay to get my hair highlighted on June 30? I have light brown hair but have blonde highlights. I want to go really blonde for my wedding. I just don’t want my roots showing for the wedding photos. Any thoughts?

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6 Responses to How long before wedding should I highlight hair?

  1. heather says:

    Hair grows an average of .5 inches a month. If you got highlights on the 30th, your hair grow about .15 inches. I think it would be fine.

  2. Emaan A says:

    I’d say 1 week or 5 days before.

  3. menotu says:

    I agree with the June 30th date to highlight your hair. That will give it time for the color to set and if it’s not what you had in mind it also gives you time to have it corrected. Congrats on your wedding…best wishes for many years of wedded bliss.

  4. Carolines says:

    i would highlight my hair two weeks ahead of time.
    my friend just got them, and after a couple of days they are still there, but as of now it is two weeks, and she looks GREAT!
    but in those two weeks let your hair soak up some sun, so the highlights will blend in with your normal hair color


  5. ++Pink Petal++ says:

    1 week before…the colour will settle then and roots dnt grow that fast

  6. ninikin says:

    Why not try Hair Highlighting with Lemon Juice? It doesnt take too much time

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