5 Responses to How much is the average cost for wedding hair and make up ?

  1. Steph says:

    At my cousins wedding each maid had their hair done for $50 and makeup was $30 if we didn’t want to do it ourselves.
    I think that is about average even for the bride, sometimes it is a little more but not much…

  2. A C says:

    I live in NJ and I am going with a ladt who does hair and makeup from her home. However she is coming to my house. Hair is $55 and makeup $20. My bridemaids/mothers are $45 hair/ $20 makeup.

    I can really make a difference if you go to a salon. I was quoted $100-$200 for hair and $50-$75 makeup

  3. Dee says:

    It depends on where you live. I’m in N. California and have heard an estimate of 50 for a preview (not the actual day!)

    If you go to a beauty school you can have someone do your hair and another person do your makeup. Remember, they are students! It will be much cheaper but it will take a touch longer.

  4. missnonnieorigin2 says:

    It can be really cheap if a good friend or a bridesmaid can do hair and/or makeup. Then just give her an extra gift. Then you don’t have to pay for each girl and yourself to get makeup and hair which can get REALLY pricey. In Chicago, they quoted $60 for the bride and $40 for the others (not including tip).

  5. Just engaged!!! says:

    Depeneds where you are and where you go. Wedding updos can start at about $45 and go up. Makeup can be from $25 and up dependsing what you want.

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