4 Responses to how much should i pay for my hair style on my wedding day?

  1. kimi19 says:

    I assume you are getting married on a Saturday, so this means she will miss an entire day of work at the salon as well, she should be paid at least $400 and you should pick up her hotel room as well, Saturdays are hairstylists day they make the most money on, of course if she is a long time friend, you need to negotiate this before you go. If she is expected to do more hair than just yours you need to add on $50 minimum per person. I understand this sounds expensive, but it is your day and your hair should look the way you want it too.

  2. kat118gone says:

    a few hundred!

  3. toni says:

    sorry you can’t find a hairdresser closer. Is she staying in a hotel? I would think you would pay for that. How about asking her about her price. I wouldn’t pay more than $80.00, but that also depends on how complex your updo is.

  4. Robin says:

    I would definately keep that hairdresser!!!!!! You are one lucky girl. How much would you pay for the most important day of your life? If she is willing to travel for 2 hours and spend the night, I would pay for the room and pay BARE MINIMUM $200.00 for her travel time and away from home time. I would tip generously too. You have to remember this is your day not hers, so I would not be cheap about it!!

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