4 Responses to how much time prior to prom should you get your hair colored or highlighted?

  1. Shay says:

    I’d say at least 2 weeks-so that the color will set in and also-if it is something you don’t like-can be changes in an emergency-If you wait longer-your roots will start growing out-if you do it too soon-your hair might not have a chance to start feeling natural for you-

  2. shelby b says:

    wait a week. the more time the better but at least a week. most hair salons wont even die your hair until a week after getting a perm.

  3. Starr454 says:

    You’ll need at least a weeks transition period for your hair. ( when you cut or dye your hair it takes a week or so to go back to normal) so i suggest getting your hair dyed in the next 4-5 days in case it takes a little longer to go back to normal.
    hope i helped 😉 –and was your best answer haha :)–

  4. LovelyLilly says:

    I would get it done as soon as possible. Especially since you are going from one extreme to another in terms of color. That way, if you don’t like it, it will give you time to darken it or change it before you go to prom.
    That is what I did, I highlighted my hair 12 days before my senior pictures last summer!

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