How shall I have my prom hair?

I have long brown hair.. (if you read my previous question.. it might be back dark blonde by prom) but anyway.. I don’t know what to do about my hair for my prom..
SO many girls are going tohave it curled..

Any ideas for straight hair?
(oh btw, I only have 2/3hours to get ready)
*Dress – long, strapless, cherry colour, with alot of detail on the top

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25 Responses to How shall I have my prom hair?

  1. kill_the_m0nkey says:

    shave your head

  2. Five F says:

    Straight is always pretty.
    Have fun!

  3. countrydazzle says:

    Wear it down, straight, with a poof. Very vogue!

  4. tom the immature polish boy says:

    i agree with daniel shahin, shave it off

  5. so_chaotic_bitch says:

    hair stuff.
    but be careful most people go to prom and come back dead

  6. Shela O says:

    Dye it pink. lol.

  7. Cecilia L says:

    what kind of dress are you wearing? you could get it curled but not the way everyone else is going to get it curled. try looking at google and type in prom hair

  8. Sexy Dude says:

    straighten your hair and have a fringe..

  9. Penelope says:

    How about you pull it up in a really nice, tight bun? Those are pretty in right now for weddings and things.
    And then you have two sorta bangs of hair coming down the side

  10. beach_blonde_molly says:

    Depends on your dress too. If it is strapless your hair would look good down.
    Braides are really popular right now.
    Use Lauren Conrad as an example.

  11. cookie says:

    half up and half down. you don’t wan t it down in your face or all of it up (that just doesn’t look partyieh when you have it up)

  12. Someone says:

    Cute sloppy looking up do would look good with dark hair… With some strands hanging in the front…..

  13. Kim says:

    It looks simple yet elegant, and it shouldn’t take too long to do.

  14. anonymous says:

    wear it up in a bun and with barrets or maybe sparkly things in the bun.

  15. Matt S says:

    I say, you go get you hair done in a salon. Tell them that you want it somewhat straight or something and no matter what it should end up looking good.

    Have a awesome prom!

  16. Wise_GaL says:

    Sleek and sexy is nice. Just straighten it real straight. They also sell like little twist in flowers at claires, or after thoughts. or put it in a sleek pony tail with a flower around the band. An updo will aslo be nice just dont add curl. U should go to google and ask…nice down do’s or up do’s with no curls.

  17. babydoll says:

    put some cute like clips in your hair. and dont like curl it curl it like everyone else but put mabye a few curls in your hair.

  18. Little Miss Pipedream says:

    Don’t do curly. That’s really unoriginal.
    Leave it down, it looks more elegant.

  19. KAILTYN CUTIE says:

    just straighten and leave down like mine:

  20. short_merry says:

    I personally think that this hairstyle would go with anything you wear. It’s formal and elegant.

    there’s also this one that would look good

    i hope i helped you answer the question! :]

  21. Wisdom says:

    Im not a hairdresser BUT
    Ive done many people prom hair,
    graduations, weddings..I have
    a real knack of doing hair.

    first put you hair up in a tight
    pony tail..
    make sure it is nice and tight no lumps

    then from the hair that is hanging
    curl a section then pin it to the top of..
    your head keep doing that until your head is finish
    and make sure you balance out the curls so they
    are spread out evenly add some baby breath for effect
    or bobbypins with pearls on it to have more effect..

    Make sure you hairspry to keep everything in place
    and if you don’t want to use a curl iron to make
    the curls
    use your fingers to create them and then pin
    and spray each one..

    updos look better with straplesss
    and therefore this will put more
    emphasise on your neckline
    wear a simple necklace
    since you already have
    a design on the top..
    suggestion 1 pearl necklace not all pearls.


  22. Carmeldelite08 says:

    ok well u have staright dark blonde hair… well i think u shuld where ur hair up n2 a very stylish up-do…u shuld try looking @ a magizine …and then when u see ur fav pic of a hairstyle show it 2 your local hairdresser and have them do it…IM SURE IT’LL B FANTABULOUS* good luck

  23. Megz B says:

    wat about a messy bun….. basically just put your hair in a loose bun then pull bits out at the edges. It looks gorgeous.

    But an inventive thing is put your hair in a pony-tail then twist it then while its still twisted, straighten it. It comes out like a corkscrew.

    Have fun at the prom!!


  24. ronalita says:

    straighten your hair and wear it down

    alsoo in the back do a little stripper puff to look hot

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