How should I do my hair and makeup for a wedding?

Im going to be attending a wedding, its an evening wedding and i have a black dress

i have long hair so im just thinking about keeping it straight…or if i should curl it with a curling iron
and for makeup im just thinking about wearing black eyeliner and mascara with neutral lips

any tips?

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5 Responses to How should I do my hair and makeup for a wedding?

  1. Jean says:

    HAIR- For your hair I would recommend a low side pony tail that falls over your shoulder. Wrap a 2 inch section of your hair around the elastic you used to tie it up to give it an elegant vibe.
    Notice how Miley has the pony on one side of her head and a few curly strands of hair hanging beautifully on the other side. Use a curling iron to curl a few strands of your hair that won’t be put up into the pony so your hair will look like Miley’s in the photo. Use a dab of pomade to keep your curled strands of hair silky and perfectly in place

    MAKEUP- Foundation: Use a light foundation to even out your skin tone.
    Eyes: Since your dress is black I would go for smoky eyes (Tip: if you go online to and search Jemma Kidd’s Guide To The Smoky Eye Look you will get step by step instructions on how to make your eyes look smokin’ hot!!!!
    Lips: I would go with a Covergirl Shineblast shade to add a tiny dab of color and sparkle to your lips without looking overdone.

  2. Arlene Taylor says:

    I recommend you to see —->
    I hope that will resolve your problem

  3. Sam says:

    for your hair do half up and half down and curl it!! Then for the make up put mascara and eyeliner!!!

  4. Carol says:

    You could go for loose natural looking curls, if you just curl your hair normally at the begining of the day by the time it’s the wedding they will have relaxed a bit. And if you’re wearing a black dress it could be cool to have a bright-ish colour on your lips. Red or hot pink would be nice, or if you’re feeling daring you could go for a purple shade. I like the idea for your eyes though (:

  5. Bieber Fan says:

    these are really really cute hair styles you should try them! i hope this helps

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