5 Responses to How should I do my hair as a bridesmaid in a wedding?

  1. madison e says:

    well for my sister’s wedding i wore my hair in an up-do with curls hanging down in the back but i got it done at a local hair salon. hope i helped

  2. Funny Gal Forever says:

    id pin it up not with chopsticks but with hair pins with lil decorations at the tip
    hope u have fun at the wedding and blessings for ur sister

  3. faith41jesus says:

    My oldest was a – junior bridesmaid last year at my sister’s wedding. She was 11 at the time.

    She wore a flower type headband in her hair.

  4. allie M says:

    I’d see what most of the other bridesmaids are doing if you guys want to look similar

    If your hair’s long enough you should curl it and get an updo. Maybe some sort of half-bun?
    You could always try looking through hair style magazines/books at a local salon. Even places like Great Clips and Best Cuts have decent ones.

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