4 Responses to How should I do my hair at a wedding?

  1. kyla g says:

    Take your hair and hold it in your hand like a ponytail then twist your hair and put it up in a clip. Let your bangs lie in the front don’t put those back. With the hair in the clip curl that hair. Your hair should be really easy to curl. I have hair just like yours( just my hair is red lol) this is what i do with my hair at every wedding that I go to. It looks elegant but it doesn’t knock the bride off of her pedestal. Lol So good luck you’ll look beautiful!!!!

    P.S. this is so fast and easy also that it only take like 10 minutes to do this it saves so much time.

  2. LAKERS ♥ says:

    i guess just go to a salonn and tell them to do curls and just pin it to the sidee .. it lookss verryyy cutteeeeeeeeee
    something like thiis =]

  3. Dawn W says:

    up in a loose bun

  4. JennaInTheSOUP says:

    Maybe curl it and clip your bangs back? That’s pretty basic and would probably look fine at a wedding. You could just leave your bangs down too, or you could pull it into a nice bun and side-sweep your bangs. I think the curls would be prettier, but it depends on your style and dress/outfit.

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