10 Responses to How should I do my hair for a wedding??

  1. Dilylah m says:

    i would say something sexy yet sophisticated. the french role style in wedding is completely out so i would go with a really sexy updo like a side bun with a sexy styled bang in front or of you want to have it down and sexy i would go with the hump style and pull the rest of your tresses to the side flowing beautifully over the shoulder oh and dress it up with costume jewelry and accessories like put a stylish diamente clip for the hair you know something sexy but not over the top.

  2. Sam says:

    Find out how the other bridesmaids are wearing their hair, if it’s up you probably don’t want to be the only one with your hair down.

  3. Dukefrom7th says:

    half and half. loose waves: some in a not-so-tight bun, some hair down.

  4. jerrybear says:

    Go with dreadlocks, mon!

  5. jeannette_burnard says:

    Put your hair up it would look nice

  6. bubblegum says:

    I personally like to put my hair up in either a loose bun/knot or loose waves/curls (my hair is naturally wavy/curly). Or you can do a messy knot by pulling your hair into a semi-high ponytail and then just scrunching it up however you want it and sticking elastics and bobby pins in it to secure it. Hope that helps!

  7. Chris C says:

    How long is your hair?
    What color, and texture.
    Is it layered?
    Is it one lenth?
    Is it angled at the front?
    Do you have bangs?

  8. Lauren C. says:

    when i was a bridsmaid a few weeks ago i wore a strapless dress, and me and my friend wore our hair up nad the other 2 had their hair curled and pulled back in a section….i dont how do u look better?

  9. rochelle w says:

    wear a big yellow wig and put apples and grapes on top

  10. a_christian_teen says:

    Whatever you do don’t make it fancier than the brides. Remember, It is her day and she should be the center of attention. If the bride has her hair up, do yours down or vice versa. Just make it less formal/fancy than the brides! Good luck!!!

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