How should I do my hair for a wedding…?

Ok I have really short hair and I want to do something cute for a wedding I’m going to next weekend. I have attached a picture of me please help!!!!
By the way my hair isn’t in a pony tail, its just really short

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  1. 1234567890 says:

    it really depends on how much time you have
    what tools you have
    if you want your hair to look curly you can check this out:

    if you want your hair to look wavy you can do this:

    you can also check this website out
    it has a lot of different styles

    hope it helps

  2. Nidia313 says:
    Try some of these.. there are more on the side.. pinup is in again! Good luck!!

  3. Trudy R says:

    These are good hairdos, I couldn’t tell from your picture if your hair was LOOOONG or short. Was it in a ponytail? Good luck! Look at these sites, the long address is for if you have short hair and the other one is for long hair. they are both very beautiful. Also for what to wear with your hair you may try:
    something mabey like this dress. It’s just formal, but since you are a wedding guest and goer, it is not full out formal.
    Mabey you could use hair extensions… Also for REALLY short hair there’s
    Just brown…

  4. michelle m says:

    Here’s a website that I found interesting, nice hairstyles in this website.

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