4 Responses to How should I do my hair for a wedding that I am attending?

  1. Tea Cakarmis says:

    This is such a fun question šŸ™‚ ok, so my personal point of view is that anybody who tries to hard with their hair (visible abuse of hairspray, commplicated buns etc..) so , since you have long dark brown hair, I think any of the ‘kim kardashian hair styles would suit you amazingly’ since you are leaving soon you need something easy to do, that look effortless if you have hair curler wavy, beachy hair style will be a piece of cake….hope this helped, have a gr8 time at the wedding…:-)

  2. Pearl1999 says:

    i think you should do it in an either wavy fashion, like this:
    or a nice up do like this:

    Also add some nice flowery hair stuff if you have any!
    hope i helped and enjoy yourself at the wedding!

  3. Mary Lineck says:

    Put a french braid across the top of your head, about an inch back from your hair line. Run a curling iron through the rest of your hair and pull hair back and off to the side. I’ll put a link to a picture under my answer. Just copy and paste it to your internet browser.
    Hope it comes out nice, whatever you decide to do with it, and have fun at the wedding šŸ™‚


  4. Meme says:

    Hair up for a wedding is always very elegant. Do you know how to do a french twist? Gather hair like a low ponytail then twist it working towards the top of your head. What is left gets stuffed into the vertical roll. Here is a hair video with a similar method.

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