7 Responses to How should I do my hair for my sisters wedding?

  1. Theporters05 says:

    I like the classic french twist or a twist on it with lots of smaller twists. Very elegant and pretty but playful too. Off your neck to keep you cool.


  2. Tara says:

    Curl your hair (big loose curls) and then give yourself a loose french braid to the side.

  3. Biff Mcbiff says:

    Gross. No one wants to help you style you’re pubes!!!

  4. churchgirl0329 says:

    if you go to


    they have a BUNCH of different hairstyles for formal events. I know that’s where i got my idea for how i’m doing my hair for my wedding next year

  5. LaVada A says:

    A nice updo would be good.

  6. lynzillla says:

    You will want your hair up if its going to be hot out. also, updos last longer than if you just curled your hair and left it down. A low, side bun is really popular these days. i really like that look.

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