How should I do my hair for my wedding?

I have medium length blonde hair… it’s right above the shoulder or just at it. It’s wavy but can easily go straight or curly… I’m looking to get it professionally done.. I also am wearing a veil and blusher… and possibly a tiara.. does anyone have any good ideas for how I might want to do it?..

Here are some pictures of me with my hair straight and curly so you can get a better idea of what I’m working with..:
Well I’m looking for an up-do style.. and the picture of me with curly there isn’t really a good pic honestly.. but you can see how it goes both ways…
oh yea.. and the curly hair pic my hair wasn’t 100% dry yet.. the curls do get softer and all once they dry. Thank you for all the answers so far! If anyone has any pictures of hair that they might think would be nice or that I could bring to the hairstylist if I liked feel free to post them!

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10 Responses to How should I do my hair for my wedding?

  1. imnottarded says:

    Wear it with soft curls. May I suggest a product? My mother-in-law sells ISO Tamer Foam at her hair salon. With this product you can wear your hair curly, like in your picture. Or you can have looser curls without the look of having mousse in your hair. The curls will be softer. All you do is put it in your hair when it’s damp, and use it like a mousse. When your hair is dry you can run your fingers through it and your hair will not get frizzy, but you will now have the look of soft curls without the mousse look.

    If you can’t find it in your hair salon, try going to a store that sells hair salon products, like a distributor. If you still can’t find it, call 978-922-2292. They’ll have some instock.

  2. ismail says:

    u would look good with straigt hair rather than curly u should look on geting dark brown highlight hope this helps u

  3. BigPappa says:

    My wife had hair just a bit longer. She had hers done in large vertical? curls around the sides and back. Her hair was somewhat pulled back in the veil. Really, you should go to a beautician and look at some catalogs they have. And ask them for advice.

  4. nodreamsnomusic says:

    I would go curly myself. It look cuter but thats just my 2 cents

  5. yp_later_kalispell says:

    Well you know guys love curly hair. And Curly hair tends to soften the face. Good luck.

  6. flower says:

    My daughter’s getting married this weekend. She’s having the hairdresser do her hair. The hairdresser and her met about two weeks ago and discussed what would look good and styled it to make sure. Just a suggestion. Now she knows what she is doing with her hair. Congratulations. Hope your day is wonderful.

  7. beluga.whale says:

    hm, why dont you put it in a classic pin up and curl it it would look nice 🙂 get it professionally done though — the results are almost always better

  8. hayley8495 says:

    ok heres what you can try keep your hair straight then put it up in a bun then let some hair dangle on both sides in the front then some dangle from the bun then the hair danglin’ curl it perfecto!
    and Congrats!!!!

  9. stinger says:

    a bun with a french comb(a curly bun!)and good luck!!!!!

  10. dunno says:

    I think that you have a nice and easy worked face which makes most hair does look great on you. since you do not have very long hair I would suggest you to curl it with volume mousse or cream and pin it up high and! what I think woul be lovely in your hair colour is red roses which decorate the hair under the veil and the tiara. Maybe some would say that would be "too much" but since you have medium short hair I believe that it wont be too much. Curly hair gives a romantic touch and the roses is just awsome in between the curls and you smell good (at least in the beginning of the day:) I think the decoration of the hair is important! However, nice straight hair is also good but this depends a little bit on what wedding dress you will wear… they have to sort of match together (romantic dress=romantic hair) (cool dress=cool kill bill uma hair) Good luck!

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