How should I do my hair for prom?

Prom issss this weekend!
My dress is red, long, and mermaid style, and I have brown hair that’s kind of long, but with layers. I really would like to do some kind of an updo, but I HATE tight updos with a passion.

What do you think I should do with my hair? Pictures would help please! 🙂

Thank you!
sorry i forgot to say my dress is a strapless, i don’t know if that helps or not.

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8 Responses to How should I do my hair for prom?

  1. hamn says:

    loose updos are the way to go!

    you should do something loose with curls framing your face, like this:

    That look is just created by curling your hair with a 3/4 inch curling iron, then pulling it up into a bun and curling the excess pieces that frame your face.

    you can also go with the half up half down style:

    good luck!

  2. The Bride says:

    Half up and half down with big curls is classic and would really fit your dress.

  3. Danichony says:

    If you want to be remembered…. SHAVE IT OFF!

  4. Paulina says:

    if its strapless, half up, half down wavy

    with straps, all the way up with loose waves hanging down that dont go past the shoulder and with showy earrings

  5. Carly S says:

    Definitely put it up, because you’ll get all hot and sweaty if you’re going to dance.
    For homecoming one year, my friend (who is great at hair) just pinned up my hair up into a bun with a hair pins, so that it was kind of loose and completely comfortable. You could let some of your shorter strands hang down so you get the whole romantic look
    When I got my hair done at a salon for prom, they did it so tightly and used so much hairspray that it was ridiculously hard to get out, I definitely preferred the loose style.

  6. Patricia says:

    Yeppers…half up and half down. Hope you have a lot of fun! I did!

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  7. JD says:

    dont listen to girls how you should do your hair ask men what they like there going to be the ones checking you out many girls make the mistake and do all this bullshit and guys would be like WTF did she do..ask your date or a guy that thinks your hot trust me he knows the right answer.

  8. blue_paint94 says:

    OK well i always think that if your dress is strapless, or is low, an updo is nice. But (as you said, tight sucks) a loose one.. curl it first, and then pull it back randomly? You could just take a photo to a hair dresser or whatever.. but here’s an example and leave some hanging out.
    If you wanted to leave it down, use a triple barrel curler, but don’t over do it otherwise it looks crap. If it’s long enough, a big curler is always good coz it gives this affect or which always looks nice. Anyway hopefully i gave you some ideas 🙂 Good luck and have fun!

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