How should i do my hair for prom?

Its my first prom and my dates too.
My dress is strapless and hot pink with rhinestones all over it.
i want to have an updo thats really cute.
my face is diamond shaped i have bangs i dont care if theyre up or down. But my hair is short/medium the back is shorter than the front and i have to pin it to keep it up. the front is longer about off the shouldr length?
PICs ideas please?

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2 Responses to How should i do my hair for prom?

  1. Inspector Battom says:

    um im not good but i know you will look really cute on your prom date have fun

  2. boom boom pow says:

    pull ur bangs back into a pretty large sparkly clip in sort of a poof and crimp your hair so it looks like wavy and put it in a large clip thing or bun.

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