6 Responses to How should i do my hair for prom?

  1. shortsafety21 says:

    shave your head

  2. Changhee says:

    shave your head lol

  3. J says:

    buy a crazy wig and wear a garbage bag instead of a dress. MAKE A STATEMENT.
    proms are stupid.

  4. Hope says:

    lots of casual and formal hair and make-up tutorials, so nice. and theyre pretty easy to do 🙂 hope you fidn something you like

  5. Marcy says:

    DON’T shave your head. your hair sounds pretty. Try putting it in a low bun, but have to 1in pieces coming off the side and curl them into ringlets. for your bangs keep them down and straighten them inside towards your face, or you could try putting them in a pretty bang poof it will add some volume. or if you want something Original, put your bangs in a poof and curl your tips into pretty loops of just curls. i hope i could help!!

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