12 Responses to How should i do my hair for prom?

  1. Genessis says:

    the third one in this picture would look cute!
    with something like this in it

    hope i helped!

  2. beggy..x says:

    down and curly i think !

  3. hollywood says:

    you should wear it half up and curly. very curly.

  4. Theresa C says:

    How about a funky bee-hive look it would go really well with your dress and be a little bit different too I had one for my wedding and it looked amazing

  5. Bee Tee says:

    Have a stylist bring all of your hair over to one side of your head in a low pony tail then curl the pony tail. i’m not sure how to explain it but its gorgeous

  6. Lottie says:

    i econ u should have ur hair all tied bak nice and neat and then say if u have a side fringe.Then also pull taht back to the side as well and then get two parts of hair fro m the side of ur head n curled them it looks HOT!!!
    and then at the back have a nice bunch of curls or bundled up:)

    cya xoxo i hope u look nice!

  7. babybeth2007 says:

    down curly defientely

  8. raqchung says:

    Drop curls at the back and french twists at the top of your head. You can make that into a crown also.

  9. Mary-Lee2511 says:

    go with a low side pony and do some big lose curls but don’t go with tight curls cause then it would jsut be to much and you want to keep it soft and sweet.

    My bestie did something like this and it looked great so i hope it will help you!

  10. meg says:

    i think u should do curly hair

  11. Kate K says:

    do a french twist and have a few curls at the front. =]

  12. denise2orderavon says:

    I would say that since it is a halter top you should either wear it all up or half up. You want to show off the top and if you leave your hair down it won’t show it off very well. Go for a half up-do with curls flowing down the back…that would be gorgeous!

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