How should I do my hair for PROM?

This is my natural hair : (front center bottom)

I don’t want to go to a proffessional salon, but my hair is pretty short so I don’t know what to do with it. I have a curler and a straightener and assorted clips, berets, etc. What are some ideas I can use? Pictures would be great.

FYI: my prom dress is red and a low v neck, if that affects anything.
this is my prom dress

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12 Responses to How should I do my hair for PROM?

  1. MANDA<3 says:

    curling is totally easy with short hair! my hair is almost as short as yours, plus i have layers. all i did was put it into a half pony tail, curled it, and put on one big clip.

  2. ♥8>Duggu<8♥ says:

    hey curl it! do the thin spiraling
    it works so well!
    stragiht hair is too plain so u should add some variety to ur look!
    THope this helps

  3. GooperGuy says:

    ok a messy bun definetly but first wash,blow dry then put in a pony tailtake end of pony talt and stick it half way through hair elastic then kind of muffel it then let go an vu`ela

  4. stephanie says:

    You should put it half up and curl it. you should put a few hairs in front and curl them too. it looks cute trust me.

  5. Lyn says:

    I have seen some beautiful bands that girls are wearing in short hair. I bought my daughter a beaded one which she loved. I also bought some hair pins that had roses on them about the same color as her dress. She also has short hair and with a few curls and a few hair decorations it was adorable. Have fun, be safe!!

  6. Sabrina P says:

    well how u do ur hair 4 the prom get some curls and go to a professional hair style list and get ur hair done and all the girls will b lookin at u cuz
    they wish they had ur hair.

  7. nene says:

    I think you should either put a camel hump in the front of your hair(like in the pic of my avatar) and let the rest out or you should do the same think except with a high ponytail in the back and mot letting it out.

  8. BUD says:


  9. cutie says:

    curl it and then put it up

  10. s.board lover says:

    i think u should either put it up n a bun or use gel and scrunch it

  11. Natural says:

    check the links below for beauty tips to:– * Prom Hairstyles

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