How should I do my hair for the wedding I’m going to? Any Up-do advice?

I have long curly hair.
I usually wear it down, but want to do it up for a wedding.
I can’t afford to have it done, and don’t want it to be any thing very difficult to do. Any advice? I would like to have curls coming down…maybe not even curls, I could straighten some pieces a bit with the curling iron? any advice is SO appeciated! Thanks!

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4 Responses to How should I do my hair for the wedding I’m going to? Any Up-do advice?

  1. Linut says:

    Take a random chunky section and give a slight twist to it and bobby pin it up at the root. So, it’s not the whole chunk going up…it’s the roots being twisted in a random chunky loop. Kinda like your hair is going half up but a little more than hat and it looks elegant. Either put pomade on before you do this or a shine spray after to reduce any frizzies.
    Choice #2 This will work if putting it all up or half of it, which ever you’d prefer. Using chunky random sections, tie your hair in a knot (like the first part in tying a shoe) but, over and over and over until you only have those small pieces left. Then bobby pin that twisted hair up and let the ends curl out on their own or iron them. Cosmetologist =o)

  2. cajunjo06 says:

    Put it up in a high pony-tail and let the curls–curl.. is cute and young… My daughter has long RED curly hair and she looks very dressed up with it that way

  3. jbmiller06 says:

    You could also try doing a low side ponytail. A friend of mine did her hair like that for my wedding last month and it was sooo adorable!

  4. jrcosmogirl333 says:

    There are alot of step by step websites. Try googling updos, and you might find something you like, and the instrucions on how to do it. You might need someone to help you out, like a sister, mom, friend. Best advice, sit down in your free time, even in front of the tv and play around. Try curls, try straight, try ponys, french twists. Some of the best updos Ive done have been created in the moment. Its also alot of fun to sit and play with your hair. Can give you some good ideas for other events!! Good Luck

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