4 Responses to How should i do my hair for this wedding thing?

  1. .love jessicaaa says:

    Try a cute hairband which can be the secondary color for the wedding and do a cute bun but put mousse in first. Take two strand from the back to make an elegance to the typical bun.

    Define your curls with bigger rollers but be careful that it won’t be to much. Put holding spray and leave it on over night. Use a cute headband to accessorize.

    Do the french twist whcich is a classic hairstlyle in which you roll up the hair and secure it with bobby pins.

  2. Tiana says:

    use hair spray to tame it down and put it in a high bun

  3. katiiieeeeex33 says:

    do a little twisted updo and pin it up. girly and sophisticated to compliment the black dress. (:

  4. Cute and Popular! :) says:

    perfect, you should do a french twist! it looks soo god on curly hair! (i have curly hair too :)) if you dont know how to do it then go to a website to learn how! good luck!

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