how should I do my hair to be in a wedding?

i’m going to be the 2nd bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding. it’s in august, but i want to try out hairstyles. it’s not really an option to go to a stylist. anyway, my hair is short (just past my jaw) and brown. the dress is strapless and green. i want to do something out of the ordinary, but i’m not sure what do to. plus, I can’t actually talk to the bride, because she’s in a completly different state then where I am and where her weddings taking place. Please Help! I’m desperate!

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4 Responses to how should I do my hair to be in a wedding?

  1. Herbal Medication says:

    Updo or half up hairstyle will work all the time

  2. Corinna says:

    You can do a waterfall braid. You can find a tutorial on youtube. Its nice, simple, elegant and different

  3. Anamarie says:

    OOH! I recently went to a wedding for my brother and I helped the bride do her hair (:
    I wasn’t actually DOING it, I was just helping. Anyways, what happened was her friend curled her hair into Shirley Temple-like curls so they’re really really curly and adorable. You can keep it like this, or brush it out like she did and come out with soft curls. Awesomeness.
    I don’t think she used a regular curling iron, because the curl held it’s shape REALLY well, even better than I’ve EVER been able to do, like sticking up from her head. Yeah.

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