How should I fix my hair for Prom?

I have shortish hair. It is an A-line bob cut, the back layer is at my mid-neck and the longest layer in the front goes to my shoulder. My prom is in one month and I want to have an idea of what I should do but I have no clue. Every where I look I cannot find anything that looks like it would be cute. Any ideas? preferably pictures because I am a visual person.

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7 Responses to How should I fix my hair for Prom?

  1. JPunk says:

    try a bun

  2. brandy_nobama says:

    go to a hair salon and look through the books. it will give you ideas and they will do it for you and make it look perfect

  3. Sarah E says:

    You should get a hair style magazine and look at it, go to a beauty salon that will do you hair a few hours before the prom and then, you’ll be ready to go with your hair looking fabulous.

  4. pampamelicious says:

    it depends on the cut and style of your dress. now i’m a cosmetologist and i think if the back is out and cut kinda low the prettiest hairstyle is an up do or french roll. that is a style that is pinned up and lots of curls, maybe a bang and loose curls hanging down to give off a sexy look. oh yes take plenty of pictures. look pretty and have fun!

  5. Desire F says:

    shrunch it and put in on top of your head sloppy but make it like you see the fancy stuff. if your hair is to short for that wear it down kay

  6. jenniferhudson45 says:

    i this this is simple and will fit you for a visual person, i hope you like my idea

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