4 Responses to How should i get my hair done?

  1. egptiandiamondisis says:

    With hair that length, you may want to get it ‘pulled’ (flat ironed) where you’d have versatility in styling. You’d be able to wear it on your face (ala Aaliyah), off the face, center or side parted, the long "Elly Mae" ponytails with a bang…there are so very many styles that are useful options to you with hair of your length. Just remember to keep your ends maintained and oiled, without protection they will split much faster as the weather begins to change.

  2. Austin M says:

    very discreet curls

  3. nour=] says:

    do the poof wit ur bangs, put ur hair up in a messy bun,
    scrunch ur hair, or straighten it.

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