5 Responses to how should i have my hair for the wedding?

  1. Alejandra R says:

    The gentle waves deflect the roundness of the face. But be careful with curls. Extremely curly or flat hair can accentuate roundness. just somewhat in the middle.
    it is important that your hair has texture.cut your hair with textured layers they can really enhance your round face make ing it look thinner. Be careful with short haircuts your head can appear rounder with a bob specially if you have short neck.

  2. Tannu G says:

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  3. MyBeautifulLight says:

    i think brides should have thier hair down. BUT if you can pull off a bun with loose curls that is a classic and great look

  4. Charmaine says:

    I suggest you put your hair up, sort of grape style and put either silver or gold clips, the ones that have stones at the ends to match your outfit. I think that style will suit round faced people. Also wear earings and chain to match stud type earings though. Some look nice with long.

  5. hannahwhitbread7 says:

    ok, well i have noticed you have been putting forward a lot of wedding questions, so before i answer; CONGRATULATIONS!
    any way, if you have wavy medium length hair, and a round face, i would stray away from beehives
    perhaps, have your hair curled or straightened, with a little tiara and a veil (if you want one)
    sometimes simple is best, and i think that this will look lovely.
    if you prefer to have your hair look longer, then go with the straightening option, but, if you prefer shorter hair then go with the glossy sleek curls.
    you’ll look fabulous anyway, so i wouldnt worry.
    have the wedding day of your dreams, and i hope i helped.

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