How should I style my hair for a cousin's wedding?

I have long hair (about 4 inches past my shoulder) that is naturally straight. I have side-swept bands and usually my hair just kind of…sits there. I want to do a simple, cute hairstyle for my cousin’s wedding. What would be a good style? (If you could include pictures, that’s be awesome!)

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  1. Kathy says:

    You neeed to check out Lilith Moon’s tutorials on youtube. She has so many creative ideas, that are easy to do (though some take some practice), and they’re so pretty! Plus, they are perfect for your length and texture, and she has a bunch of videos on how to curl your hair, especially how to curl your hair overnight with no heat, so it’s great if you want a change of texture every one in awhile 🙂 Plus, her videos are easy to follow and relaxing, she’s is very nice, and she’s great about answering questions both on the videos and on her facebook page. She doesn’t have bangs, but in most, you can just leave the bangs loose and style them your normal way and the style will still work 🙂 I can absolutely guarantee you will love her videos 🙂
    Here’s a few ideas of styles you could do for the wedding:
    And here are some of my favorite ways to curl my hair overnight!:

    Hope these help! And have fun at the wedding!

  2. Sam Tebullini says:


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