9 Responses to How should I wear my hair for a wedding?

  1. Soccerxoxo10 says:

    a messy bun with a cute white headband

  2. ashd_m says:

    You can wear your hair any way and it would be cute. Most people do up dos for weddings.

    Here are a few sites I hope this helps

  3. Juliana says:

    In a wedding you should always wear your hair up, try to get one of those fake buns, it looks very classical!

  4. Justagirl says:

    I think the kind taylor swift wore in luv story r perfect 4 weddings.

  5. Johnny Depp lover says:

    my aunt had all of her bides maids do loose curls and wore their hair down.. and it looked very cute and she had her hair curled and up in a bun with a few curls hanging down.

  6. Danielle says:

    You might want to ask the bride if there’s anything specific she wants you to have. For example, the last wedding I was in, the bride wanted everyone to stick with curly hair. Of course there’s variations. If the bride doesn’t mind what you get, considering your hair length.. you can do almost anything. Wavy hair is really nice and summery. You could also have it uup, half up, ect.
    This site has wedding hair styles 🙂

  7. Ashley C says:


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