How should I wear my hair for an outside wedding in the summer?

I am the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding and the wedding is going to be outside in August. My hair is mostly straight but very thick and tends to get quite frizzy if i’m outside for long. How can I style it so that it looks cute and stays mostly frizz-free.

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  1. JENNIFER M says:

    curl it and make a LOW side ponytail, like Taylor Swift’s here:

  2. [: says:

    go to a hair salon and they will know how to style your hair. thats what i did 🙂

  3. hollywoodmelody says:

    I would wear it half up and half down that way the top half will control and keep the bottom from frizzing. Also if you use a heat protectant on your hair it will help the frizz. You don’t always use products for hair dryers or curling irons as weather plays a big part too.

  4. JaneDoe says:

    Try pinning it back with curls cascading. (not thick curls)
    some wavy ones to give a tousled effect but still nice for a wedding.

  5. I love my love says:

    if you have it straightened at a salon that day, it won’t get frizzy. ask the bride how she wants your hair, it’s really up to her. she may have already made hair appointments for the bridesmaids anyway.

  6. TwistedxKiss says:

    I would wear it in some kind of an up do so you don’t sweat to death with your hair on your neck, but as for the frizz there’s not much you can do but spray it– my hair is thick and frizzy too and I use the hair serum by John Freida and find it works half decently when I remember to use it, but I don’t think it’s inexpensive.

  7. Peanut88 says:

    I would wear it mostly up because of wind and the frizz and stick with something fairly simple. I would also keep a de-frizzer in my purse to tame the fly-aways right before the ceremony and the pictures. Here’s some ideas….
    -…&p=wedding+updo&oid=f7720fbb98232d5a&fr2=tab-web&fusr=tam22&no=7&tt=13984&ni=21&sigr=11jkcusln&sigi=11c63glkf&sigb=13h89j977 ( I like this one except not the flower)

  8. Nickname says:

    Do it in a ponytail (not too high and not too low) with a little body or "poof" at the top. Also, put some curls in the ponytail to help hide the frizz if it starts to be a problem!

  9. Jennifer says:

    a loose bun with a clip

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