how should I wear my hair for my wedding?

i’m not sure how to wear my hair. I have side bangs and my hair is naturally curly but will easily straighten. This is my dress:

I don’t want to wear it all the way down because my ceremony is outdoors and my hair is frizzy. Any suggestions? April 10 wedding.

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  1. Yazzy :) says:

    First off, your dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love weddings!

    And about the hair, since your dress is strapless, you should try to make your neck look long & slender by having an elegant up do, which you will benefit from since your wedding is outdoors.

    I love this style, esp with the veil,

    Another shot:

    Something a little more ‘even’ if you’re into that kind of style:

    Good luck & congrats!

  2. dani girl says:

    in some kind of french twist, with the open curls on top with a lot of loose tendrils curled around the head, perhaps some real flowers.

  3. My Wedding is Aug 14,2010 says:

    I say have it all pushed up and let a couple pieces of hair hang down…with loose curls.

  4. awommack says:


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