7 Responses to How should i wear my hair for prom? i will be wearing a strapless dress.?

  1. fashionmodelx says:

    i think if you are going for a classic look (which i think would look awesome with a strapless dress) id do a soft curl pulled back into a loose bun (but obvioulsy it wont be loose) like this https://www.3-ibm.com/prom_updos/images/updo/pinned%20updo.jpg or or a higher bun with loose tresses randomly falling down…if youd rather not to the updo thing…id suggest either loose waves/curls parted on the side with a sparkely blue clip loosely on the opposite side of the part (or twisted back with a diagnal part down the middle) like this https://www.beautyriot.com/article.php?id=4155&c_id=67.

    hope my suggestions helped! have a great time at prom!


    make a ponytail. then take pieces of your ponytail and roll them into curls and pin up. spray for a flawless finish with LA Looks megaspray.

  3. pravalika says:

    Leave your hair but curl your hair with a curler

  4. Maria says:

    WEll ur dress sound beautiful. Strapless looks good with hari up or down. If u hav bony shoulders, wear ur hair down with maybe a clip or something

    But if u arent bony, wear ur hair up or down this is a pretty updo


  5. kt says:

    like ur avatar. its mostly up, but its loose with a few curls running down the back of the dress, if ur hair is up in a tight bun or something like that it can make ur face look chubby, and since its prom im sure ur going to be taking tons of pictures

  6. bob joe says:

    if you have long hair just put it in some curls and just go with it…….!!!!!

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