How should I wear my hair to a wedding?

I’m going to my host sister’s wedding and I have no idea what to do with my hair. I have it quite long, with long layers and no bangs. I usually wear it straight but curly works too. I’m wearing a strapless dress so I’d prefer to have something that left at least some of my hair down. If you could send a link to a tutorial or something that’s be great, but any suggestions are appreciated =) thanks ahead of time!

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  1. Thomas says:

    you should get a mohawk

  2. Nari says:

    well maybe you should wear an updo because you dont want to be too casual and updos’ are very elegant hairstyles but sometimes it depends on what theme of the wedding is that you are attending

  3. marys.momma says:

    A style that’s simple yet elegant starts with your hair curled in rollers all over, to give it some volume. Then have a strong barrette or hair elastic ready. Run your fingers up from just over your ears to the back crown of your head, to make a part. Smooth the top section with a comb or brush, and fasten it loosely with the barrette or elastic. If necessary, pull it slightly so that the part is covered. The back section of your hair stays long. The style combines the sophistication of an updo with the nice length of your hair. You can wear a pretty bow or some flowers over the barrette or the elastic.

  4. L T says:

    This is what I would do:

    – shampoo/condition that morning, add a quarter size amount of serum to hair (Frizz Ease is good)
    – blow dry hair
    – if there are any frizzy pieces or fly aways, smooth them down with a gel, paste or wax
    – curl ends under or over with large barrel curling iron
    – back comb and/or put some mousse into the crown for volume
    – pull a small section of your hair (side of face/crown area) back into a ponytail with a clear hair band
    – wrap a 1/2 inch section of hair around the hair band and secure it underneath the pony tail with a bobby pin
    – either style leave as-is or dress up hair style to match wedding party (i.e. flowers, jewel barrettes, bobby pins, etc)

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