5 Responses to How should I wear my hair to a wedding?

  1. Sur La Mer says:

    Try experimenting using hair accessories. One example, my hair. I used two, you can use one if you’d like, fabric flower hair clips. I make tons of those to help support non-profit. Put your hair up, like you’ve never done before. I use claw clips then hide them using the hair clips. It took me about 3 mins. to do. Once you get good @ it, it will get faster and easier. I can create 7 in a week. My hair is down to my knees, but any length hair will work also. Just takes practice! If I can do it, so can you!

  2. AtLarge says:

    I would wear it up.

  3. FireCracker says:

    How about straightening your hair and then adding curls to the end with your bangs swept to the side? You should keep the makeup simple. So, how about foundation, mascara, curling the lashes, eye liner but not to heavy, and lip gloss?

  4. Julz Phay says:

    flip your head upside down and french braid it up that way! then put it in a bun and do barrel curls or twist it all around. if you want to add something get a flowery pony and put it around that. 🙂 i love doing this but i barely ever have a fancy occasion!

  5. Herbal Medication says:

    I think it would be great for half up hairstyles

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