How should I wear my hair to my BF's brother's wedding?

They just told us yesterday and the wedding is this saturday, and my week is super busy so I have no time to go to the salon. I’ve been working at growing out my hair, and haven’t colored or had highlights or anything for months. It’s boring light brown and reaches just below my shoulder blades. What can I do with it that is interesting & cute (pretty, but doesn’t look like I tried too hard? Also, my hair is naturally frizzy and hard to straighten, but also doesn’t curl well. Help!

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  1. Katie says:

    i have hair Just like yours
    wash it the night before
    drie it almost all the way, but a de-frizz cream in and then put in rollers
    take them out in the moring befor ethe wedding and play with you hair and the hairspray
    i never thought it would owrk but it relly does!!
    you could also braid it half back (totally cute)
    i usually leave my bangs down but you could put hem in a braid or twist

  2. Manda R says:

    I would do a messy almost updo. Not like you just threw it together in 5 minutes. but that way it will cover that u havent highlighted your hair in a while. And it will tame the frizzies. Hope that helps!

  3. Mikes_girl says:

    I would get a super pretty, medium thickness nice headband, then toss your hair up in a messy updo, using the headband to secure loose hairs…

    such as:

  4. Katie says:

    I would get some mousse and put it all in your hair, and scrunch it, spray some hairspray in it but make sure the hairspray is all over your hair, and scrunch it a little bit more.
    Then, put the top half of your hair up using a clip and then apply a thick hair band over top of your head.
    Your hair will look curly, but not too curly, and very beautiful 🙂


    a messy updo ,or down and long waves

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