8 Responses to How should I wear my hair to prom?

  1. Jasmine(: says:

    You should crimp your hair &
    The 2nd like do it in some cute up do 🙂
    Everyone loves my hair crimped! (:

  2. Jen says:

    Def wear it down and curly. It’d be really cute with your glasses.

  3. dramaqueen2damax says:

    you should curl your hair to the first one and crimp your hair for the second one.

  4. Squeaker says:

    it depends on how your dresses are.but i think since you wear glasses you should try to pull your hair back so it doesn’t cover your face.may be half ponytail and waves at the bottom.a bun

  5. madison says:

    heyyyy i woouldd think you should really try extentions just for one night or two and you would look BBEEEEAAAUUUTIIIFUULLL cuz like every one looks good with long hair hahaha and do big lucious curls like lauren conrad! HOPE this HEL|PS ;D

  6. lilmissoc says:

    OMG that sounds like my hair, except I have red hair and my hair is longer than yours. If I were you though I would go to Macy’s and get my makeup done there at Macy’s makeup counter and then I would go to a hair salon and I would get my hair completely straightened and in a really hot and sexy updo for one and then have your hair completely curvy and in an updo for the other one.

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